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Expobar Megacrem


Expobar Megacrem –

Commercial Coffee Machine.

Available in:

1 Group Compact, 2 Group Compact, 2 Group Fullsize,

By far the most popular Crem (formerly Expobar) model, the Megacrem is an extremely reliable and stylish espresso machine that rivals its more expensive competitors.

Hand built by skilled professionals, with only the best quality components, this machine demonstrates Crem’s strong attitude towards quality craftsmanship and technology.  User friendly features include illuminated blue touch pad buttons to control the dose of coffee at the touch of a button, direct pre-infusion, steam pressure gauge, automatic boiler refill and back-flush program for each group.

The electronic switchboard helps control the dosage of coffee through 5 selection buttons, located above each group.  These allow you to dispense the right amount of coffee at the push of a button.

Make the baristas day with Disavè’s very own intuitive shot timer upgrade.  Disavè’s intuitive shot timers not only time the extraction but support the barista by offering results after every shot is made as to whether it was perfect or slightly over or under extracted, so that they can make adjustments to the grinder for a better extraction next time.  Our shot timers are also capable of collecting daily performance stats via a USB connection to encourage staff to attain quality in every cup.  Contact us to discuss the features with our knowledgeable staff.

Stainless steel panels can be powder coated, but the colour choices are limited to the powder coat range.

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1 Group Compact, 2 Group Compact, 2 Group Fullsize

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